India's first
AI paralegal.

jhana searches, drafts & explains law with reliable citations and links.

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jhana helps with each step of
researching and drafting.

It should be this easy.

Put your filing cabinet to work.

Share your knowledge,
but never lose it.

What can jhana do for you?

Search with Meaning

AI understands the meaning of your query, however short or long. Forget the ORs and NOTs of boolean search. Search like talking to a human.

Search without Trying

Discover case law and legislation effortlessly by uploading entire filings, briefs, and orders. Make research a byproduct of your work.


Define concepts. Brainstorm arguments. Ask research questions. Draft briefs. AI chops together case law, legislation, and other sources.

Stay Up to Date

New orders updated daily. Notifications when relevant SC and High Court orders/judgments or legislation arise.

Built for Teams

Rich file management, notes, and annotation with collaboraton. An interface built to share and export, but never lose your past work.

More soon...

Coverage of tribunals and legal news and a brand-new research and writing assistant right in your Microsoft Word, coming soon!

What‘s Next?

A paralegal in your text editor.


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